Friday, July 2, 2010

Seventh Session - Unexpected Guests Pt. 2

After spending a long time getting to know the Scylla, the crew returned to their ship. There, they learned from their NPC Navigator that their ship's original purpose was to house a terrible daemonhost and expel the creature to the furthest reaches of the known galaxy at the time. Their ship, the Ferral Wolf, was given one Inquisitor Holocene to accomplish this task.

Piecing together different parts of the puzzle, the crew discovered that Inquisitor Holocene traveled to Vedic long before the Koronus Expanse was officially discovered and deposited the daemonhost there. The Scylla arrived when they attempted to tamper with the coffin housing the daemonhost.

Interestingly enough, the players immediately picked up on the fact that the Scylla and the city they were protecting was even older than the daemonhost and their ship. So they must have been there when Inquistor Holocene first arrived on Vedic. The question remains - what were they doing there?

Thereafter the Explorers were able to trade some of their technology for information from the Scylla. After much discussion, the new Pskyer PC asked a clever question of their new visitors. "Where exactly are you from?"

Pointing to a large map of the galaxy, the crew uncovered a foreboding fact, the Scylla come from the same region of the galaxy as the Tau. And yet they were able to travel that distance to the planet of Vedic instantly.

I'll sum up the rest of what they found out in the session with a little encyclopediac file.

The Scylla

Origins: Human. The Scylla are a large empire of humans who originate from a time before the Emperor. They have no idea who or what the Emperor of Mankind is.

Technology: The Scylla seem to be more advanced than the Imperium in some ways, but far more primitive in other ways. For example, they seemed to have never seen any kind of holographic technology before. Instead, they rely on projection technology, which involve images projected onto blank surfaces with a series of lenses. However, they possess personal force fields, which can be combined to form stronger fields. Their ships are smaller and have less firepower. However, they have far greater numbers of ships. The Scylla's armaments rely heavily on force field technology and advanced melee weaponry, such as monoblades and fractal crystals.

Space Transportation: All ships piloted by the Scylla have the appearances of ancient barges, though each is made from a series of bronze-colored alloys. The Scylla do not use the Warp to travel but appear to somehow fold space. The folding of space is facilitated by members of their crew who hold what appear to be shepherd's crooks.

Society: Pskyers in the Scylla appear to be openly tolerated. Castes and societal rank with the Scylla appears to be even more regimented than it does in the Imperium. For example, slavery is openly practiced and embraced at a part of life.

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