Wednesday, July 7, 2010

And Now for Something Completely Different

Behold! I bring you the finished model for the arch-militant of the group: Karacus.


Karacus comes from an unlikely background for an arch-militant. Born and raised on Dynasty Holocene's homeworld of Norn, Karacus grew up as a laborer and servant, someone on one of the lower rungs of society's ladder.

However, during a party one night, one of the younger Holocene children ran into an altercation with some bullies of nobel descent. Harsh words were exchanged. The exchange turned into a challenge. And soon, young Severus Holocene was facing five, well-armed and well-trained noblechildren of the powerful House Dexen. Unable to defend himself against the five much larger teens, Karacus stepped in and defended the young Severus. Almost a giant even as a teenager, Karacus was able to fend off the well-trained assailants.

Severus's father took note of Karacus's deeds and somewhat adopted the boy, watching him grow up as a servant in the Holocene palace. When Karacus was old enough, Severus's father used his considerable influence to place Karacus in a military academy, where he excelled. And no one ever bullied him.

When the Holocene homeworld was overrun by orks ten years ago, Karacus and Severus stayed behind with the last evacuation ship to defend the last grain of their home soil. They both watched as the orks finally completed their invasion and again later when the Adeptus Astartes came in to wipe the planet clean.

Bereft of a homeworld and much of its fleet, Karacus and Severus formed their own mercenary company and spent the next decade of their lives building a formidable mercenary army. It is there that they met Kai Etchdar and Mallum Bar, the void master of the ship.

Model Design:

As I stated before, the giant power fist that the model is wielding comes from a super-ape that Reaper makes. I simply sawed off the figure's hand and put the over-sized gauntlet on its wrist. The power pack is simply the hammer end from an extra Durgen Madhammer fig that I have.

At the last minute, I put on some of Durgen's grenades on the back of the figure, just to make it look even more decked out with weapons and such. Ironically, the real Karacus doesn't use ranged weapons all that often, but by the time I realized this, I had already modded the figure. Oh well - I think I can still encourage the arch-militant's player the ranged weapons are fairly necessary.

Overall, the model came out great and I couldn't be more pleased. Especially with my first serious mod-job. Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and advice!

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  1. Looks great, you can tell you took your time with the model in the paint department, and the conversion was pretty clever to boot.

    Now let's get that sucker on a washer!