Saturday, July 17, 2010

And Now...Some Ships!

Rouge Trader has given me a good excuse to get some new minis. Ships in particular. Here's a shot of the Explorer's ship and their new acquisition, the Angevin's Blade. A fellow player is a stickler for having the right mini for the job, so here we have both a frigate and a raider.

I splurged a little and got a Rogue Trader cruiser for a good price on EBay. So here that is.

Here's a detail shot. I love how the back of the ship is like a miniature city with a huge dome and spires around it.

Note the size of our Rogue Trader frigate compared to the cruiser! The cruiser is easily four times the size. And the frigate holds 30,000 people in it already. It's already a floating city and a cruiser is four times the size...I just can't get over that. The broadside cannons alone are the size of modern buildings.

And here's a general shot of some of the other frigates I have painted up as well.

Painting the Minis

Probably the best thing I can say about the ships are that they are extremely easy to paint. I based all of them in black and dry brushed them their primary color. The Battlefleet Gothic ships have such texture that they're very easy to dry brush. And because you're not doing a mini of people, you aren't plagued by the small vital details that need to be right - like faces, eyes, and hands.

The biggest drawback is storage. I don't know how I'm going to store these little guys!

All for now.


  1. Very nice.

    Having the right minis is key for the immersion! It gives you a sense of scale. These things are important!!!!111

    I like that rogue trader cruiser. You're right about the ships being easy to paint. I primed my whole chaos fleet in black and then hit them with a single quick pass of red spray paint and that took care of the whole base color and got similar texturing to drybrushing. Then all I had to do was paint in the details.

  2. Dude, these are awesome! That RT ship is dang impressive looking as well, plus everything has great paint jobs to boot.

    We'll have to send you guys descriptions of our DW characters and they'll have to make an NPC appearance up in your neck of the woods.

    For storage I would just do a "pluck" foam tray and insert them in there upside down. Or just display them on a shelf since they look so cool.