Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Planet of Vedic

Vedic is a super-massive terran type planet. It is three times the size of a standard habitable planet. Its gravity is .975 normal, due to the low density of the planet itself.


The planet is covered mostly by large savannas and plains, with some forests in the polar regions, where the temperatures are not as hot. Most of the planet is rolling plains, though a fair number of mountain ranges spread out across the surface. A fair number of volcanoes litter the surface of the planet, sometimes causing massive plains fires that can go on for thousands of miles. There is a single, great sea with a smaller continent in the center, so that Vedic resembles a strange eye of sorts when seen from space.


The dominant flora on the planet is some form of grass, which is amber in color and pliable. There are small “seas” of larger, more sturdy grass which is treacherous. The leaves there slice through clothing and skin if traveled through extensively.

Across the plains are small forests, which have towering and knotted trees with grey, geometrically rectangular leaves. Each one of these small forests seem to originate from a central large tree. It is speculated as these central trees reproduce very infrequently and send their seed far away, to create other small forests.

On the north and south poles of the planet are extensive forests, with a wide variety of trees. The forests at the extreme poles are covered in snow for most of the year. Life teems in these polar forests.


The dominant fauna on the planet are large herd of deer-like creatures with silver scales on their head and neck. They have four eyes on their head and complex antlers which look like obsidian flames. These strange deer make clacking and whistling noises.

A variety of predators hunt these silver deer, but their primary enemy are large, hairy, and quadrupedal. These beasts have exceptionally wide mouths that turn up in an almost Cheshire grin.

Another species of note are two creatures who share a symbiotic relationship. Titanic, jellyfish-like creatures float through the skies that are both plant and animal. Making their homes inside these floating beings are flocks of bat-winged creatures who have no discernable heads. Their mouths are in their chests, and they have prehensile tails. The bat-like creatures service their massive floaters by inadvertently carrying a pollen-like substance from one of the floaters to another. The floaters subsist off of sunlight, rain, and occasionally floating down to take nutrients from the soil.


There are the ruins of cities on Vedic. Over 250 cites can be found on the planet, most of which are so eroded as to be nothing more than rubble. About two dozen of them, however, are still largely intact. The communities are arranged in small clusters of super-communities. The remaining cities range from small villages to large hives of domed buildings, connected by sky bridges. These crumbling ruins date back a long ways, possibly back to the Age of Aposty.

Large statues of the emperor are features in many of the cities, as well as large statues of what can only be presumed as nobles.

The ruins of ships also lie on the surface of Vedic. Most are ancient and nothing more than corroding skeletons. A good many of these ships are ork ships. However, a number of ships, perhaps 6 or more are actually explorable and intact. Of the 6 remaining, 2 are of ork-make.


  1. Awesome write-up! At tonight's podcast we were talking about how all your group's Rogue Trader playing is going to inspire us to play some down here! It's either that or Deathwatch this summer, we don't know which just yet...

    Also, you may want to edit the HTML of your images to a maximum width of 400 to make everything fit on the page.

  2. I need to catch up! I'm still only on Ep. 12. That's cool that you guys like what we're doing with Rogue Trader, though! At my next con, I think I may run a one-shot session of it.

    How do you expand the size of the pics, again? You've told me this before, but I cannot remember.

  3. I am very much enjoying reading about your groups game sessions in this fascinating system and I really like your campaign notes like these and your critiques. Keep it up.

  4. You have an incredible imagination, WfG! I guess that's what makes you a P.G.D. (Published Game Designer). But seriously, this is truly inspirational material. If only George Lucas had someone like you at his side-- I get that Star Wars is pulp fiction, but I think a planet like Vedic is what he vainly was striving for when he was throwing the dreaded "prequels" together.
    Anyway, love the write up; very inventive and intriguing.

  5. Wow, high praise! Well if you like this write-up, feel free to steal it. Maybe your crew will visit the planet of Vedic at some point and time.

  6. It's well earned, sir. Thanks for the offer-- I may just have to have the crew of the Vengeance to chance upon this particular superplanet.

  7. Great write up, I was searching for an arid plains type planet to create my space marine chapter from recruitment planet from and this saves me alot of issues and is much better and in more depth than anything I would have come up with.