Friday, May 7, 2010

Battlefield Report 1: Raiding the Engine Room

Well, I actually got to break out the terrain for our first full run of the Rogue Trader system. As described in my last post, they raided the engine room of the ship, the Angevin's Blade. As you can see, I was able to suggest a large engine room with the Manufactorum from the Imperial Sector, Star Wars Tiles, and finally some Dwarven Forge Sci-Fi terrain. The ork minis are from Hero Quest.

While it's not a full-on mock up of what the characters were fighting on, it does at least give an impression of what they are doing, and I'm satisfied with that.

Also, during the battle, I just had the PCs fighting with a few NPCs helping them. In exchange, they only had to fight a small crowd of orks, instead of a massive horde. Basically, this is the whole microcosm/macrocosm thing again. I explained that the battlefield was probably filled with orks, but most of them were being handled by the Explorers' crew. Instead of rolling for each crew member, we just kept most of the field empty and assumed that there was fighting going on. To keep a good picture in people's minds, I would occasionally pause and describe what the crew was doing in the battle and how they were faring.

And now, here's the large balcony of the bridge. The PCs had to fight their way to the top to trigger the switch which would vent the ship of orks. At the top, you can see the Explorator, who had to make the final adjustments and throw the switch.

And here's a pedestrian view of the battlefield.


  1. It kills me that I'm missing all of this!

  2. It's battles like this that are the perfect excuse for picking up some 40k Ork Boyz and plopping them down without having to buy a whole army.