Monday, May 24, 2010

Fifth Session - On the Brink of a New World

Well, the Spring has been a turbulent time for us. We have not gamed as often as I would like - but many of us have had busy lives. Luckily, these impediments seem to be temporary.

Our fifth session saw the crew of the Ferral Wolf finally leaving Footfall. The crew faced a triumphant return to the spaceport after clearing out a Raider-class ghost ship from an ork infestation. Upon reaching the spaceport, they were warned by the admiral of House Ontiverous that their victory, while good for them, was also a victory for the savage House Naraghast. According to Admiral Zephyr, House Naraghast will see their "gift" of a raider to the Explorers as a sign of alliance. Even if the Explorers do not. That means, if there is any activity that Naraghast is engaging in in the sector that the Explorer's don't like, they will have to carefully consider if they want to oppose it - because now Naraghast can claim that Holocene broke their alliance first.

Thereafter, the Explorers had to face the uncomfortable prospect of splitting their crew. After all, the raider they recovered had no crew to speak of and there were simply not enough free hands on Footfall to populate their new ship - The Angevin's Blade. I ruled that they could populate it to some extent, but that they would not be able to be choosy at all about their personnel. Essentially, they would be hiring on anyone who was a warm body for their ship. Not wanting to do that, they opted for splitting their crew between the two ships.

After this brief meeting, the Holocene finally left Footfall and traveled towards Vedic, their ultimate goal. On the way, they had an encounter near the Cauldron, which I ruled to be a super-massive black hole, which was infamous for drawing ships in. They received readings that another ship was being drawn into the Cauldron and was able to save part of their crew. This development was fortuitous because it helped them replenish their crew population, but certainly not all the way.

This small encounter was really neat for me because it reminded me of the Gaunt's Ghosts books - in that series, the Ghost division is made up of various survivors from a long campaign against Chaos. Inevitably, conflicts arises as the people from different planets mingle and interact. I look forwards to some interesting roleplay opportunities as the crew of these two ships mingle and become one.

After their rescue of some of the crew of Farizel's Folly, they finally proceeded to the planet Vedic. More about that later....

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  1. Woah, I'm seriously behind on your posts! Well done on the sessions, though, we've been a bit stymied ourselves by people's busy summer schedules.

    Recently, we've taken on some new "crew" to deal with the problem and unfortunately I find my knowledge of the 40K universe continually put to the test by some of the new additions. We have a new Seneschal and a Void-master joining us, and upon mention of a ship which I named the "Hammer of the Emperor", captained by a Techmarine... to my dismay is apparently already a notable flagship of some kind in the 40kverse. Plus, I had completely neglected to ascertain which chapter the Astartes belonged to and once on the spot, found my mind drawing a complete blank. How embarrassing! I finally settled on the Blood Ravens.
    Anyway, back to your game! I like that by their victories and decisions, they are becoming embroiled within the intrigues of other Rogue Trader houses.