Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Staging the Battle at Wake

For the battle at Wake, I was able to have a ready-made cutout of the planet. It was rather nice to have, on the table, the very same picture of the planet I had been showing them. (Even though it wasn't to scale like I thought. Ah, well.)

Another great victory was that all of the models used were fairly accurate. The Ferral Wolf is represented by the red ship below, closest to the planet. It's a frigate in the RPG and represented by an accurate model. The Nihontu, Kitsune's ship is a Rogue Trader cruiser and is also represented by an accurate model. The rest of the vessels are raiders or frigates - which all came from my friend Nick's collection for Battle Fleet Gothic.

The Explorers faced off against 10 Chaos ships. Well, it just so happened that we had more than enough models to cover that! We even had a model that could represent the taken over Imperial Battlecruiser.

Here's a better look at the Chaos fleet. Quite imposing to see it lined up and bearing down on you.

All for now.


  1. Next time try one of these!

  2. All I can say I mean...WOW! I would get that for 10 bucks, except that it would cost about 100 dollars to get that printed out at Kinkos.

  3. Hey guys! Thanks for the suggestion on the planet templates. Printed one out for our last space encounter and it went down really well. I was searching around for star maps and stumbled across that Uncharted Space PDF from the link above. Looks spectacular-- might have to try printing it at work...
    In other news, I've been rewarding my players with XP for journals, the site is at in case anyone's curious about another group's RT adventures.
    Oh, also I made the official character sheet editable. You can find both the low and high qual versions over at Dark Reign 40K.
    And last but not least, I've updated the Endeavour Cards slightly. Find the new one here.

  4. So, the planet templates worked out for you? Did you use a battlemap, then? Should I still do a post on space combat in particular?

  5. Yeah, they were great-- thanks again!
    Yes, I used a battlemap (I looked and looked for a black-colored or space-themed one, but couldn't get one here economically, so I just ordered a beige one).
    Sure, if you fancy doing a post about it. It looks like you've covered it quite a bit, but I am curious as to how you make it flow. Perhaps I just need to work harder at committing the rules to memory, but I have trouble remembering how the batteries and lances work, etc. I always seem to be flipping through the book under duress trying to remember how they work against void shields, what the crit ratings mean, etc.