Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Meet the Team!

So, I came into some birthday money recently and I bought figures to represent each of the characters in the Warrant of Trade campaign. I did this for my previous Dark Heresy game, but only managed to paint up one figure. Bleah.

Why just one figure? Well, my soul got captured by the white dominatrix. You know. The one with the green ring and the sweet, sweet call of a cooling fan? Anyhow, after I crawled up out of the hole that was Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2, I got my life back and I'm back on the minis wagon.

Instead of buying really expensive Games Workshop figures, I went and bought some Reaper minis on recommendation by the guys at Minions of the Monster Master. Almost all of the figures I bought were fantasy figures and I decided to modify them to fit the campaign. I was more than a little nervous about this because I've hardly ever modified a miniature. And here I was going to do the whole lot of them! So here's what I started with:

The Explorator

Probably the best find of the lot. The figure looks very much like the Explorator from the book. He's got the mask and the hood. And a backpack full of stuff! The axe could probably be easily replaced with a gun. Jared's Explorator does look different from the one in the book, but this will get the idea across.

The Rogue Trader

This figure was another great find. The name of this guy was "Lord Jester, Mercenary". That title, and the sheer attitude for this guy fit the bill for our Rogue Trader. Matt's told me he wants to use Phineas Shea as his figure. If he still wants to do that, no problem. Lord Jester will still be mod up and paint.

The Front-Line Arch-Militant

This may be my favorite figure of the bunch. I just love this guy's pose. Patrick described his guy as basically the size and build of a pro-wrestler in armor. And that's exactly what this guy is. The fist you see on the ground is what I plan to use as the character's power fist. Which means, of course, saw off one of those great swords and replacing it with the fist. Sad, but necessary.

The Strategic Arch-Militant

Casey described his character being very much the commissar, with a large shield and rifle. I found this great officer figure. My hope is to use a shield from one of my Warmachine figures. Not sure what the right gun is, however. If the figure looks like he's leaning, he is. Haven't glued him into his base in this shot.

The Seneschal

Doug's going the creepy and sinister route with his Seneschal. I happen to have an old Necromunda figure that I think fits that bill. Plus, the flamer could possibly suggest a hellgun, which is what the Seneschal is using. Technically, the Seneschal looks like twelve different people in a day because he's always in disguise. However, his figure seems to be mysteriously blank enough that it might work.

The Void-Master

Last game, Tony created a charismatic, good-looking chap. So, it's appropriate that he's made a twisted and disturbing mutant for this game. Sad thing is, I don't have a figure that looks like a necromorph from Dead Space. Nor could I find one. However, this flagellant is a Warhammer 40k figurine that gets the idea of the "twisted man" across. Plus, he's already painted.

Next time, I'll start getting into how I modded these guys up!


  1. These are pretty accurate to the players, and I must say you are spot on with my Arch-Militant. If you found a shield to throw on his back it would be perfect.

  2. If you hack off that Explorator's axe and slap a bolt pistol in his hand, it'd be indiscernible from any random 40k fig.

    Since a Hellgun is a fancy lasgun, you could cut off the funnel shaped barrel and underslung fueld line, glue on a lasgun barrel tip, and voila, instant Hellgun.

    Figs really make the game, especially in something iconic like the 40k universe. Can't wait to see these converted and painted up!

  3. I should've added, if you need any pieces/parts to do any of your conversions, let me know, I've got lots in my bits bins.

  4. Whoops! Wish I had seen your last post, Mik, before I ordered some bits from Privateer Press.

    Just out of curiosity, do you have a big, tower-like shield? I'd bet you have a really cool-looking sci-fi rifle.

    Doc_Shiny, I actually have a shield that could work, but I don't have a good gun that would work. So, while I was looking for a good gun, I found an even -better- shield. I've just sent the order. The parts should be coming in the mail anytime now.

  5. I've got that stuff if you still need it, and more, just let me know the final tally and I'll mail it off to you...