Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Character Journal 1 - H. Tiberius Holocene

The guy playing the actual rogue trader in our game is the one who turned me onto the game in the first place. Needless to say, he's enthusiastic about it.

Indeed, he went so far as to write up a character journal entry for his rogue trader, so I'm posting it here on the blog. In my opinion, this is one of the greatest testaments of gamer excitement there is. Plus, it's really going above and beyond the call of duty as a player. To honor it, here's the entry. Matt, if you're reading this, treat yourself to 500 extra xp.

Warrant of Trade # RV-426-G7-96-BFN4Y2
Granted to Rogue Trader Hester Nathaniel Holocene 623M35
Given leave to spread the light of the God Emperor to places unknown within Segmentum Obscurus.

Port Wander was different from how I remember it. I had been there a number of times with my uncle, often picking up aretefacts and stories from Rogue Traders that had traversed the Kronus Expanse. I believe the difference is in the leaving. Every other time we departed, we returned to points within the Calixis Sector. This time, however, we headed out ourselves. I never really viewed Port Wander as the edge of the Imperium, but I suppose that's exactly what it is. While there are other Rogue Traders out here in my sky, we are officially beyond the bounds of the Grand Imperium of Humanity.

The stop at the port did prove useful however. We managed to repair a damaged docking bay. I still need to stock the bay with lighters and hire on more crew to man the bay. We did manage to find a surgeon of some credibility. I believe she will serve the ship well, especially considering her dealings with xenos in the past. I'm hoping that her expertise will come in handy on any unsavory planets we encounter.

I must admit that the archaeotech room in the middle of the ship is rather disconcerting. I am certainly interested in learning as much as I can from the hologram of my uncle, and hopefully learning more about the ship and her capabilities as well. But knowing that the Machine Spirits can be so... forceful is something that I am going to have to deal with. I do not like the idea of control of my vessel being wrested from me, even if the ship is 5000 years old.

I am curious as to why there is an Imperial ship at Footfall, and why two other Rogue Trader houses, entire fleets even, are also in orbit. There is some sort of festival going on on Footfall, and I'd like to find out what that is. I also need to look into procuring supplies and any information for a colonization project in the Foundling Worlds.

On the other hand, I am honestly happy that we have made it through the Maw relatively unscathed. I had no doubt that our crew and the Ferral Wolf would make it through of course, but there is something about being on this side of the Maw... I think it is the freedom. While out here, strength and cunning account more than laws. In the Expanse I can finally stretch my legs, and carve my name upon the stars. How can that not evoke some emotion and spur me on into the unknown?


  1. Awesome. I like the "captain's log" sort of feel to it. Being the actual RT, it's highly appropriate for his character. I also like the way it gives some insights into his personality in addition to 'reporting the facts'.

    I'm still trying to compile thoughts on my own character, but I think I need a bit more *player* xp in this universe before he'll have a strong identity.


  2. I love the creative flow your group seems to have. We've only just finished our first character and ship generation session; actual play begins next week. I was expecting it to take some time, but as we only had one copy of the book (and I probably wasn't as familiar with all of the details as I could have been), it took quite a while (about four hours or so), to create four characters and one vessel. Oh and I've become a recent fan of Downtime Town (love his videos-- "Zaaa, Oooh, Zaaa"), and he has posted some thoughts on the Rogue Trader experience as well.

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  4. Ack. Double post. Anyhow, thanks for the link to Downtime Town, Jon! I'm going to have to start reading it. Also, great link to your blog. It's much appreciated. :)

  5. Oops, I meant to link back to your site-- that's what I get for blogging at work! I'll make sure to do that in a future post. Anyway, thank you!
    So I was inspired by your Endeavour Card design and came up with one of my own. It's not as colourful, but I put my love of icons to good use, I think.

  6. Man! I really like that Endeavour Card! I'm definitely going to put that link in a post. That is really cool! The icons are fantastic.

  7. Thanks! The inspiration came from your design, anyhow. If you want the original Publisher doc, let me know and I can put it in my public folder in Dropbox.