Thursday, April 19, 2012

If You're Still Reading This...

Hi all!

Just popped in real quick to mention that if you're still reading this, I'm guest posting over at Mik's Minis for a while.

For all those who followed this blog, I'm terribly sorry that I never finished it. I plan day. We did wrap-up the campaign and it actually ended with a true end. It didn't meltdown or anything like that.

Anyhow, just letting people know.


  1. I just read ever blog post you made and it was pretty good. Thanks for the ideas and tips. Gave me something to do at work today.

  2. I bought into TROVW (TrovaGene inc warrant) and Robinhood says that the stock is temporarily untradeable and has been so for a few trading days now. Does this mean that it is undergoing some sort of split right now?

  3. Inspiring stuff. Thanks for posting. I am going to be starting the second leg of my campaign before the end of the year.


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