Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tenth Session - Prophecy and Fortelling

After a successful raid of the Space Hulk, our intrepid Explorers then made the rest of the journey to Footfall. There, they picked up their new Astropath, who happened to be a new player.

Rob, our new guy, gravitated towards the Astropath career after learning that the crew had lost their first one. Interesting, considering that the first Astropath was just an NPC. I'm sure there were other factors in his decision-making, but there you have it.

After disembarking on Footfall, the crew was met by a large platoon of Kroot mercenaries, who offered their services. The Kroot come fresh out of Into the Storm, and I was happy to incorporate them into the campaign. The Arch-Militant got fitted for some new power armor and then it was time to get more plot-heavy.

The Explorers were invited to a Fortelling - a great prophecy that bends the future itself. This particular Fortelling was put out by the Witch of Footfall. Actually, there are seven witches in Footfall, but in my campaign there's only the one. One can win a seat at the Fortelling but you have to bid at an auction to do so.

(If any of this seems familiar, the whole scenario comes straight out of Lure of the Expanse, which what I'm currently mining for ideas. )

In any event, the auction isn't one for money but instead for...something curious. Like the toenail of a daemon, ten-thousand blind servants from hive world of Necromunda, or the last sonnet composed by long-dead Sister of Battle. In an unexpected turn of events, the Explorers bid the Senechal's missing memories which he's been wanting to get back for over a decade, now. Yet another reason I'm loving the game and the setting - you can actually do things like that with real consequences. Now, the Senechal will never get to see his hidden backstory. He will never get to know what was taken from his mind.

The crew was able to be present at the Fortelling, though, when all was said and done.

A great presence awakens
But the prophets shall arrive
With their White Light before them
The claw, taloned - shall stir

And lo, near the four suns, a treasure emerges from a Dead World
A great prize to be claimed by those who fear neither Fate or Destiny
And she shall be the key to the awakening
Its slumber
She shall be its key.
All will be revealed with the coming of the Great War

Then, in the middle of the Fortelling, Footfall was attacked, by the mysterious and infamous Null Fleet, a group of bad guys I used for my last campaign. In the next session, we'll have our climactic finish was the Explorers say farewell to a dear friend.


  1. Congrats on ten sessions!

    Where'd you find the great art? And when are we getting a DragonCon debrief?!?!?!?!

  2. The art is great, have to echo Mik there! I got Rogue Trader in the post the other day, I long for a decent RPG group... Your posts are always amazingly inspiring! Going to purchase Into The Storm soon :)

  3. Dragon*Con debrief will be coming. After my post about Battlefleet Gothic.

    As for the art, I always find plenty of great art on

    Alot of professional stuff or professional grade stuff there.

  4. Hey, what happened to the BFG post? I didn't parody that one, yo!

  5. I meant to schedule that so it's coming out tomorrow. I wanted to space my posts out a little more. :)

  6. I'm glad to see the campaign is still going strong! Ours has faltered a bit over the summer but we seem to be resuming to our regular schedule. In the meantime, I have picked up the 5E tabletop book to read up on the fluff and have filled in some gaps in my 40K knowledge. Thanks again for the Into the Storm write up-- just picked up my copy (finally!)... now I'm just looking forward to Edge of the Abyss.